Sherlock Jr. March 13 2018 Episode Full HD

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Sherlock Jr. Part 1

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Sherlock Jr. Part 3

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Sherlock Jr. Part 4

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  • First Episode Date: 29 January 2018
  • Show Name: Sherlock Jr.
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Crime film
  • No of Episodes: 12
  • Original Network: GMA Network
  • Season Number: 01
  • Director Name: Rechie del Carmen


While exhibiting a film about the thievery of a pearl embellishments, the projectionist falls asleep and dreams that he enters the movie as a pro, Sherlock Jr. Substitute entertainers are supplanted by the projectionist’s “actual” accomplices. The dream begins with the burglary being met by the distortion with the guide of the steward. The young woman’s father requires the world’s most fundamental expert, and Sherlock Jr. arrives. Expecting that they will be gotten, the rapscallion and the head specialist attempt to kill Sherlock through a couple of traps, hurt, and a point by point pool redirection with an exploding 13 ball.

Sherlock Jr.

Definitely when these miss the mark, the villain and head laborer endeavor to escape. Sherlock Jr. tracks them down to a stockroom however is overshadowed by the get-together that the blackguard was pitching the gems to. In the midst of the experience, Sherlock finds that they have gotten the young woman. With the help of his correct hand, Gillette, Sherlock Jr. fathoms how to impact tracks in an opposite bearing from this condition, to save the young woman, and whipping the pack.

Sherlock Jr. Cast

When he blends, the young woman seems to uncover to him that she and her father took in the identity of the honest to goodness criminal after she went to the pawn shop to see who truly pawned the pocket watch. As a trade off scene happens to play on the screen, the projectionist emulates the entertainer’s nostalgic lead.

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